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Cast & Crew

Cast and Crew

Steve Curwood

Steve Curwood
Host / Executive Producer
617-287-4133 | email
Steve Curwood is Executive Producer and Host of Living on Earth. Steve created the first pilot of Living on Earth in the Spring of 1990, and the show has run continuously since April, 1991. Today, Living on Earth with Steve Curwood is aired on more than 270 public radio stations in the USA. Steve's relationship with public radio goes back to 1979 when he began as a reporter and host of Weekend All Things Considered. He also hosted NPR's World of Opera.
Steve has been a journalist for more than 30 years with experience at NPR, CBS News, the Boston Globe, WBUR-FM/Boston and WGBH-TV/Boston. He shared the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of the Boston Globe's education team. Steve Curwood is also the recipient of the 2003 Global Green Award for Media Design, the 2003 David A. Brower Award from the Sierra Club for excellence in environmental reporting and the 1992 New England Environmental Leadership Award from Tufts University for his work on promoting environmental awareness. He is president of the World Media Foundation, Inc. He lives in Southern New Hampshire on a small woodlot with his wife and family.

Helen Palmer
Managing Producer
617-287-4125 | email
Before joining Living on Earth as its managing producer in 2007, Helen Palmer spent nine years as Boston bureau chief and senior health desk correspondent for public radio's Marketplace, reporting daily on health and economics for the business news show. Helen's journalistic career began at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in her native UK, where she held positions as a researcher, writer, producer and reporter. Her fourteen years at the BBC spanned areas as diverse as children's television, the World Service, religious programmes, arts reporting and current affairs. She spent two years working in radio in Berlin before coming to the United States in 1987, and continuing her reporting career as a freelance for both the BBC and National Public Radio (NPR). In 1991, she joined Monitor Radio, the broadcast division of the Christian Science Monitor, in Boston as a reporter and producer. During a six year tenure at Monitor Radio, Helen's varied roles included producing Early Edition and Midday Edition, and hosting the Monitor Radio World Service, a daily hour-long international program on shortwave. She finds Living on Earth an ideal place to work, both for its subject matter and because its offices lie a short, easy bicycle ride from her Cambridge home. When she's not working, she is a keen if haphazard gardener, and keeps bees.

Jenni Doering
Associate Producer
617-287-4121 | email | Twitter @jennidoering
A member of the Living on Earth team since 2014, Jenni Doering enjoys producing stories on people and nature, wildness, and the American West. She majored in Environmental Humanities at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, fell in love with nature writing, and now enjoys molding words and sounds to please the ear. In her spare time, Jenni can be found biking, rock climbing, attempting to close her pop culture knowledge gaps, and rejoicing in/agonizing over the meaning of life with fellow humanists. In the dreary winter months she pines for the mild, sunny disposition of her hometown San Diego, CA, but never misses an opportunity to boast about surviving Boston's snowiest winter ever.

Jaime Kaiser
Associate Producer
617-287-4124 | email | Twitter @jparrisk
Jaime Kaiser is a New York native and Brandeis University alumnus. She graduated in 2016 with a degree in English Literature and minors in Environmental Studies and politics. She enjoys telling stories about climate policy, urban sustainability and other topics that work at the intersection of people and planet. Initial reservations about radio after starting her journalism career in the newspaper world have been replaced by an admiration for audio. Making playlists for every occasion and rock climbing take up most of her free time.

Savannah Christiansen
Assistant Producer
617-287-4123 | email
Savannah Christiansen is originally from the Bay Area in California and graduated from Tufts University in 2016, where she majored in English Literature and Environmental Studies. Through her interdisciplinary study, Savannah worked on environment-related projects in urban planning, anthropology, and literary theory. Savannah is new to both the journalism and the audio storytelling world, but much enjoys assisting with stories on urban ecology, art, and environmental justice.

Noble Ingram
Assistant Producer
617-287-4122 | email
Noble Ingram joined the Living on Earth team in 2017. He graduated from Vassar College, having studied English, Urban Studies and the art of late-night sandwich-making. Though new to environmental journalism, he has reported on police reform and immigration in both Boston and
Baltimore, his hometown. Outside of work, Noble loves hiking, cooking and dreaming up better public transit systems. His favorite stories focus on place, and take listeners somewhere exciting and new.

Naomi Arenberg
Naomi Arenberg is a seasoned radio producer with more than two decades of experience working at the national public radio station WGBH. She was the morning Host of WCAI’s “All Things Considered” program, and was among the inaugural crew there when the station first launched. Naomi is a proud Cape Cod resident and teaches radio production courses at Cape Cod Community College.

Bobby Bascomb
Associate Producer
email | Twitter @BobbyBascomb
Bobby Bascomb has been a producer with Living On Earth since 2006. She joined the LOE team from academia with a background in environmental studies and geography. She enjoys producing and reporting stories on a wide breadth of topics, including indigenous issues, sustainable development, and land use in the tropics. When not producing radio, Bobby loves international travel and tries to spend as much time as possible outside. She can often be found hiking with her dog, sailing, camping, gardening, kayaking,
or skiing through the long New England winters.

James Curwood
Chief Technical Officer and Producer
917-536-6338 | email
Aside from Living on Earth James can be found singing for his band Darling Disaster and working with other bands at The Studio Portland in Maine. He enjoys learning about space, marine biology and geology and loves to surf. He lives in Portland, ME.


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